Win a $50 Gift Card and Tons of In-Game Goodies in the R2 Games Easter Day Event

We’d get involved if we were you…

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R2Games, the leading browser gaming platform, is running a whole raft of events this Easter. 

From March 27th until April 3rd, you’ll be able to take part in a number of site-wide activities, all designed to help you line your pockets with rewards and prizes. 

For instance, between those dates you can compete in an Easter Egg Hunt, logging in daily for a chance to win Easter Eggs and an R2 gift card worth up to $50. Plus, R2Games is giving away free copies of its new desktop game Infinity Kingdom. 

And those are just the sitewide events. There’s even more up for grabs when you delve into the R2Games library. 

Titan Revenge, R2Games’s recent blockbuster, is hosting its own event from March 31st until April 5th, with login rewards, quests, a prize wheel, a surprising bonus, and a ton of exclusive skins. 

But the main attraction in Titan Revenge is undoubtedly the two new characters, Ice Titan and Dark Angel, both of which can only be acquired during the event itself—so if you don’t manage to grab them in time you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting it. 

There’s also an Easter event in Dark Odyssey. Between March 31st and April 7th you’ll be able to collect Easter Eggs by defeating bosses, and then exchange your booty for a whole range of rewards. 

The Eternal Fury Easter event, meanwhile, sees you gathering your allies and unleashing your powers in a bid to claim a number of different limited-time surprises. This one runs from March 30th until April 4th. 

League of Angels: Pact is getting in on the action too, with an event running from March 31st until April 6th. The aim of the game is to collect Easter Eggs and trade them for lavish rewards.

How lavish? We’re talking Youth Sword. We’re talking Youth Gift. We’re talking Wings of Radiance. That’s how lavish. 

Finally, Evil Awakening 2 is injecting a dose of relentless malevolence into the spring festivities with an event that sees you defeating dungeons and claiming the coveted Ultimate Overlord skin. 

You’ll have to move fast for that one. It begins on March 28th and ends on April 1st. 

Head to R2Games to start claiming those Easter goodies.