Will Real Games Unifi your Games?

What is Real Games working on in casual games? We have no specific new insights, but we can speculate about a future product based on a Forbes article that went up this morning.

According to Forbes, Real plans to launch a new service called Unifi, that will collect all your digital content — video, music, files, e-books – and allow you to access it on all your devices – computers, phones, and tablets.

That’s a very cool service, except it’s missing one piece of content – games. According to the article, 30% of its revenue comes from casual games. So, if they do not extend this service to games, it would make no sense whatsoever.

There are challenges to this of course. A game you buy on the PC is not going to work on smart phone. But imagine this. You own a PC and an iPad and you buy a game for $10 for the PC but $15 to access it on all devices. That’s a cool value added service and an good experience for casual gamers who increasingly are playing games on multiple platforms and devices.

This is the way it works for books on the Kindle (I can buy a book for $10 on my Kindle and access it on my Android phone or iPad) and I am loving this feature. I am reading an excellent book now about HeLa cells and I can read it anytime or anywhere based on the device I am carrying.

To do this with games would require a lot of platform magic on the part of a company like Real and game developers. There is no way they can do it today, but one to two years from now, they should.

This is a future killer product for casual games. For Real’s sake, here’s hoping its on their radar screen. If not, it surely will be in Google’s or Amazon’s plans (both companies could pull it off relatively easily).

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