WildTangent’s Android game rental service is now live

Say what you want about WildTangent, they’re certainly not afraid to try new things. The company has just announced the worldwide availability of its WildTangent Games App for Android, which will let users both snag games for free, as well as rent and buy them.

The service is based on WildTangent’s PC service which offers the same sort of features. The service will not only guide players to great games across a wide variety of genres, but it’ll also let gamers test these titles out before buying them. Additionally, premium games are going to be constantly added to the app (recent titles include Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, Kona’s Crate, Air Attack HD, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Raging Thunder).

The rental system hinges on WildTangent’s virtual currency, WildCoins. The cost of a WildCoin runs for $0.25, which is how much many of the games cost to rent for a 24-hour period (though rental prices do vary).

It seems as though some hardware providers see some merit in the idea as well, as the app will come pre-loaded on a number of new tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Sony Tablet S, and more.

The Android WildTangent Games App is now available for download from the WildTangent website.

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