Why Moscow Matters: Russia is an emerging market you should keep an eye on

When mobile game developers and other business-minded folks throw around the term “emerging markets,” their thoughts almost immediately go to three places: China, Korea, and Japan. For Western developers, these are the markets with the clearest potential for growth – and they’re the markets that no Western company has really managed to crack.

But what if there was another untapped market eager for developer attention?

This year’s Live Mobile! European Mobile Congress is being held in Moscow this week (Nov 12 & 13, to be exact); the capital city of a nation that’s ravenously eating up the best that mobile gaming has to offer. And as companies like Game Insight are quick to point out, it’s home to some chart-topping mobile developers too.

To highlight the potential of the Russian marketplace, Game Insight and J’Son & Partners have teamed up to provide this handy infographic – or as we like to call it, a cheat sheet on why you should really be considering translating your latest app into one more language:


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