Where’s My Water? gets first content update

Where’s my Water? is a terrific puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad, but like all good mobile puzzlers, it’s longevity is going to live and die by fresh content. Both Angry Birds and Cut the Rope manage to maintain high sales rankings, largely some might argue, because of their regular updates that add new levels and features. So can Swampy’s fans expect the same? If the recently released ver 1.1 is anything to go by, all signs point to yes.

Only a month after the game’s initial release, the first update to Where’s My Water? brings 20 new levels, complete with new collectibles and a new gameplay mechanic. The “fluid converter” will turn polluted water and toxic ooze into fresh water – a key element in solving the 20 new puzzles.

Dubbed “Change is Good,” this free update is available now to all the Where’s My Water? owners out there.


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