What You Need To know About The King in War and Order

By Glenn Wilson |


War and Order is one of the most popular and acclaimed strategy games on mobile, with well over 10 million downloads and 400,000 reviews on Google Play alone. 

That means you’ve almost certainly come across it. There’s a good chance you’ve played it, too, but you might not yet have achieved the ultimate goal of rising through the ranks and claiming the throne. We’re here to help with that. 

For the uninitiated, War and Order is a sprawling strategy game with a medieval setting, in which knights in armor go head to head with snarling green orcs, elves, beasts, mages, and more.

The gameplay centers around your City. From here you can strengthen your forces, upgrade your buildings, and create an unassailable base from which to launch your bloody campaign. 

Once you reach the rank of king you get to enter the hall of honor, where you’ll find exclusive decorations and supreme battle buffs. You’ll also be able to appoint a cabinet and appoint secretaries and officials. 

But that’s not all. Like any self-respecting king, you’ll have the divine right to designate others as Rebels, Bandits, and Convicts, meting out whatever punishment you see fit on those who displease you. 

So how do you get there?

Upgrade Your Buildings

Your Castle sits at the middle of everything, serving as the basis of all development. To get anywhere, you’ll need to keep upgrading your Castle – only then can you upgrade other types of building, such as your barracks, where your Troops are housed. 

There are four different classes of Troop, all with their own attributes. It’s worth discussing these Troops with your Lords, as well as studying their descriptions. This will help you create the best possible formations based on Troop class attributes, and avoid mistakes when using buff items or choosing which equipment items to Develop. 

All buildings are important, but the Drill Grounds is worth paying particular attention to. This golden statue symbolizes military might, and the more you upgrade it the better your Troops will do in battle. 

Another key building is the Beast Den, where you can unlock the game’s four beast types: Dragons, Pandas, Unicorns, and Phoenixes. These Beasts all have their own talents and combat skills, and they can prove invaluable in battle. 

Once you’ve upgraded your Castle all the way up to level 10, you’ll unlock the Artifact system. This is a devastating combat buff system powered by ancient artifacts like Mjolnir, Athena’s Aegis, Ganjiang Moye, Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, and so on. 

Join an Alliance

Being a king is a lonely occupation, but getting there doesn’t have to be. One of the most effective ways of boosting your progress in War and Order is to join a powerful Alliance. 

This allows you to share your experience with Allies and team up to fight monsters for extra rewards. It’s also possible to execute timed attacks with fellow Alliance members, giving you maximum power at the moment of impact if you manage to pull it off. 

Plus, being in an Alliance gives you a defensive boost. When you come under attack your Allies can send reinforcements to bail you out – and you can do the same for them, earning yourself a bit of kudos in the process. 

Just make sure you keep an eye on your Alliance’s relationship with other Alliances in the game. Sometimes things turn sour, and you can find yourself under attack from your fellow human beings – the deadliest enemy of all. 

Oh, and here’s a pro tip: if you want to avoid making enemies, watch what you say in the world channel. 

The Strongest Lord

You can’t be king without being the best, and the only way to establish that you’re the best is by winning competitions. One such competition is the Strongest Lord event, which becomes available a week after you first start playing the game. 

To become the Strongest Lord you need to gather, recruit, kill monsters, and so on. Basically you just need to play the game vigorously in order to stack up as many points as possible. 

During the second round of Strongest Lord you’ll enter the Enemy Killing phase. This is exactly what it sounds like: a battle to the death with your rival Lords. You can prepare for this phase by recruiting and strengthening your army in advance, during the previous round. 

You’ll be notified of your ranking once the event is over. 

Crown War

After you’ve been playing War and Order for 40-45 days, you’ll get to play your first Crown War – another Alliance vs Alliance contest. If you happen to be the leader of the winning Alliance, you’ll be crowned King. 

At that point you’ll take control of the Royal City, the supreme seat of power – but possibly not for long. The battle between Alliances has two phases: Seize the Crown, and Guard the Crown. 

Seize the Crown sees you trying to infiltrate and occupy eight towers that appear around the Royal City. Guard the Crown, meanwhile, sees you guarding the Alliance Hall and trying to prevent another Alliance from overrunning your position. 

If you can guard the crown for five hours, the kingdom is yours – for now. 

Good luck – check out War and Order for yourself by clicking here.

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