What Is Pokemon Go Spoofer and How Does It Work?

The thing that makes Pokemon GO great is also the thing that makes it, just occasionally, kind of a downer. Learn why by reading on…

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The thing that makes Pokemon GO great is also the thing that makes it, just occasionally, kind of a downer. 

We’re all for games that encourage players to get off our couches and venture out into the world for a healthy dose of fresh air, exercise, and social contact. 

But every Pokemon GO player knows the pain of being unable to play the game because they can’t—or can’t be bothered to—leave the house. 

Fortunately, there’s a way around this obstacle. It’s called a location spoofer, and this is all the info you need to get up and running—or rather, to stay sitting. 

Put simply, a location spoofer is a tool that lets you fake your GPS location. It allows you to maintain your privacy, bypass geo-blocking restrictions, and bamboozle your friends with the click of a button.

And a cutting edge location spoofer like Wondershare Dr Fone even enables you to fool Pokemon GO into thinking that you’re marching through streets and bounding over fields when you’re actually taking it easy on the couch. 

All you need to do is download and install the app on your PC, connect your iPhone, and you’re away. Wondershare Dr Fone comes with a simple-to-use interface consisting of little more than a map and a cursor for placing your avatar in a location of your choice. 

Of course, Pokemon GO developer Niantic has rules against walking hacks, frequently banning offenders from the game, preventing them from discovering new Pokemon or engaging in battles, and so on. 

You can be taking your virtual life in your hands whenever you attempt to circumvent Niantic’s strict anti-spoofing regulations—though the studio won’t actually delete your account until you’ve had three strikes.

Wondershare Dr Fone mitigates the risk of being caught by letting you virtually navigate at walking pace between different preset or custom locations.

No location-spoofing solution is foolproof, but Wondershare Dr Fone makes it as safe and easy as humanly possible. Try it for free right now.