WGT teams with USGA to recreate the Olympic Club’s Lake Course

By Dant Rambo |

Golf is a divisive subject. There are those who adore it, and those who fail to understand the appeal. Honestly, I’m being as careful as I can about how I word all of this, lest I start a golf war in the comments section. I don’t think it will upset anyone if I say that WGT has teamed up with the USGA to deliver a virtual version of the Olympic Club’s Lake Course. Right?

WGT is the team behind World Golf Tour, a highly popular browser-based golf game. The game tends to see an influx in users over the course of each US Open, as fans of the sport have taken to playing while they watch the event. Given my inability to multitask, I can’t help but give them props here.

The Lake Course is being offered under the moniker of “Virtual US Open,” and it was created using HD photography and virtual reality technology. I’m a bit miffed by the lack of a virtual Bill Murray offering clever little quips here and there, but I suppose it would be a pretty out-of-place addition to what is meant to be a realistic experience.


The course is free to play, and two lucky players will win trips to the 2013 US Open: The one with the best score, as well as a random entrant. If you fancy yourself a pro in the realm of virtual golf, I see no reason for you to not try and take home the prize. Alternatively, if you consider yourself incredibly lucky, maybe you’ll be the other chosen winner. Pardon me while I go pick some four-leaf clovers.

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