Welsh casual game developer Paper Giant Studios launches website, announces first title

By Erin Bell |

Paper Giant Studios, a casual game developer based in Cardiff, Wales, launched its official website today with details of the company’s first title: a nature-themed match-3 puzzler called Seed Pod Shuffle.

The studio was founded last year on the premise of “[offering] a compelling alternative to the challenge and goal-based game play that dominates the casual games market, by developing innovative, quality games that emphasise creation, exploration and player choice.”


Paper Giant Studios Co-Founder Codey Dyer added: “People in Britain are surprised when we tell them the downloadable casual game audience is dominated by women over the age of thirty-five. We’re developing rich new game experiences with this group in mind, but we believe a well designed game will be accessible and fun for everyone.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our website over the coming weeks, and hope they’ll have fun discovering what we’re all about.”

Seed Pod Shuffle, the studio’s first title, will let players grow plants, attract animals, and help a lost creature name Jasmine build a home in time for winter while completing more than 80 match-3 puzzle boards. Other features include Timed and Untimed modes, and an unlockable free play mode.

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