Welcome to Your New Gamezebo

Earlier this year, Gamezebo was acquired by iWin. With that change in ownership came a renewed direction; an interest in revisiting what users had once loved most about the site, while at the same time serving our readers better than ever before. This started with surveys to learn what Gamezebo’s readers wanted most, and continued with the most common user-driven request: the return of PC games coverage.

Today, we take another bold step forward with the launch of a new design — and it’s one that long-time Gamezebo fans may find familiar. Taking inspiration from an earlier iteration of the site, Gamezebo’s homepage now offers a steady stream of articles that preview the content to be found within. More importantly though, everything on the new Gamezebo is now easier. Search works better. Tags are more visible and easy to navigate. You’ve never had an experience as smooth as this when it comes to browsing Gamezebo’s thousands of articles.

Here are a few highlights of the changes you’ll find within:

  • Review scores, pros, and cons have been moved to the beginning of each article, giving you a quick glimpse of what you need to know
  • Links to PC games will now take you straight to a download — no fuss, no muss: just play
  • Platforms and content types are now easy to filter on the front page, making it easier than ever to read what you want
  • Search is prominently displayed, and much more reliable to use

The latest version of Gamezebo may have a team of tinkerers and coders behind it, but it was really designed by you: the Gamezebo reader. Your feedback was the driving force behind these changes, resulting in a site that’s just as usable for an Android puzzle gamer as it is a PC enthusiast with a love for hidden object adventures. Whatever it is you’re looking for, it’s now much easier to find.

And things are only getting better from here.

In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing a survey to gauge your feelings on the new changes, and will continue to make improvements that meet your needs. To our loyal readers: thank you for being a part of Gamezebo’s past, helping to direct our present, and enjoying the site well into the future. We’ll always be here to help you find something to play — and we’re getting better at it every day.

Jim Squires
Editor-in-Chief, Gamezebo

Content writer

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