Webzen is Holding a Closed Beta for MU Origin 2 This Weekend

By John Richardson |

There’s no shortage of Asian RPGs on mobile, but Webzen’s MU Origin is a standout example. A spinoff of the classic isometric RPG MU Online, it was an instant classic when it hit the mobile app stores a couple of years ago.

So it’s no surprise that Webzen has followed it up with MU Origin 2, which arrived in China and South Korea earlier this year to great acclaim. Now the game is making its way towards the west.

We don’t have a firm global release date for MU Origin 2, but Webzen has just announced that players in North and South America will be able to sample its delights through a closed beta that will run from March 29th to April 7th.

The beta will be exclusively in English, and – sorry iOS gamers – exclusively on Android, but it will give a lucky few the chance to experience pretty much everything the game has to offer.

Beta MU than me

After choosing your character – Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or Elf – you’ll be able to join a guild for co-operative hijinks, create a party for conquering the living daylights out of a few dungeons, and battle with human opponents either in teams or 1v1.

You’ll also be able to adopt a pet, which will attack your enemies for you during fights – just like a real pet. And, because MU Origin 2 will take place on a huge map, you’ll be able to acquire a mount to make journeys shorter.

The vast majority of the finished game will be present in the beta, but be warned – everything you do during that handful of days will be lost as soon as the beta comes to an end.

However, if you reach level 150 and fill out a survey you’ll get a coupon that you can use in the finished game, so that’s something.

MU Origin 2 will be out soon, for free, in Europe as well as the Americas, on iOS and Android. Get involved in the closed beta by visiting the official website here.

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