Watch our CastleVille Legends live broadcast right here, right now

Can’t wait to catch your first real glimpse of CastleVille Legends, Zynga’s first mobile entry in the franchise? Don’t worry – waiting isn’t our thing either. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Zynga once again to give you a first look at the next big thing from the house of Z.

Starting at 6:30pm PT tonight, we’ll be interviewing CastleVille Legends executive producer Jason Everett on Twitch.TV, while Jason gives viewers a live demo of the game. You can watch it live on Zynga’s Twitch channel, or if you’d rather spare your clicking finger, you can watch it live in the embedded video below.

UPDATE: The live broadcast is now over, but a recording lasts forever. Check it out below!

Watch live video from Zynga on TwitchTV

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