Wargaming Announces WG Cells to Publish, Develop Mobile Games

Wargaming is best known for its multiplayer combat games like World of Tanks and World of Warships (which it does better than anyone), and its lavish E3 parties (ditto). It’s also dipped its toes in the mobile waters with World of Tanks Blitz, and 35 million downloads has convinced the company that there’s more down there worth exploring.

To that end, Wargaming announced the formation of WG Cells, a new division that will exclusively work on publishing and developing mobile titles. David Bluhm, former CEO of DropForge Games, will run the division from an operational standpoint, which makes sense considering that his former studio’s crown jewel, Loot & Legends — itself a mobile version of the PC game Card Hunter — will be the first title under the WG Cells umbrella.


“It’s very exciting to bring the full force of Wargaming’s brand, expertise, know-how, and resources to the fast growing mobile games market,” Bluhm said in a press release. “Wargaming has already created world-class games for every major gaming medium, and WG Cells will help further bolster the company’s mobile offerings with some outstanding titles.”

Two other iOS titles were also revealed during the initial announcement:

  • Fantastic Plastic Squad, a third-person shooter set during the 80s, which you may remember from its appearance at Apple’s September event.
  • Smash Squad, an RPG with “a physics-based battle mechanic” that is targeting a 2016 release.

It’s worth noting that Wargaming already has a better understanding of free-to-play monetization than many companies that start on other gaming platforms before turning their attention to mobile since its popular PC games are also F2P. Whatever WG Cells brings to the mobile table, it should be fun to watch.

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