Vote for Gamezebo’s 2012 Reader’s Choice Award

With 2012 drawing near a close, the worker bees at Gamezebo are all abuzz with chatter about the best and worst games that this year has had to offer – and we want to hear your input, too!  New for 2012, we’ll be adding a Reader’s Choice award to our annual “best of” coverage, and participating couldn’t be easier.

To have your voice heard, simply pick your five favorite games and list them in the comments below.  Your list doesn’t need to be in any particular order (though you’re welcome to rank the games any way you like). At the end of December we’ll compile the most frequently listed into our Reader’s Choice award.  The games can be any genre and from any platform that we cover here at Gamezebo.

Can’t decide which games to list?  Be sure to hop into the Gamezebo forums and chat with like-minded gamers to see what games they’re considering voting for.  Thanks in advance for your participation!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who voted!  The results are now live, and can be found here.

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