Vista Golf Rivals has arrived on iOS devices


The much anticipated Vista Golf Rivals has arrived on iOS devices. This is far from a standard cookie-cutter sequel to Vista Golf though, and has a much greater multiplayer focus.

It’s basically the Turok: Rage Wars to the original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. But with more fairways and less dinosaurs, naturally.

Multiplayer Vista Golf you say?

Not that Vista Golf wasn’t focused on competition. It offered up three new 18-hole courses to its line-up every week, and asked players to top the leaderboard. You could just avoid the leaderboards altogether and enjoy the one-handed controls though.

But Vista Golf Rivals turns up the heat when it comes to competing with random strangers at hitting a small ball into holes. You compete in asynchronous matches and can bet in-game money or real cash. This is serious stuff.

There’s a range of new environments to tee off from too, and there are procedurally generated courses to make sure you have enough greens to keep you entertained.

So feel free to check out Vista Golf Rivals today if you prefer your golf with an added competitive edge. Or should that be tee-day?

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