Viewtiful Joe comes to Combo Crew

A new challenger approaches! That’s right, The Game Bakers have teamed up with Capcom this week to bring Joe, the titular hero of Capcom’s colorful Viewtiful Joe series, to their mobile beat-em-up game Combo Crew. Joe made his first gaming debut in 2003’s Viewtiful Joe, and the highly stylized influx of action that Joe and his games were known for should feel right at home in the blistering brawler world of Combo Crew.

So why Joe, of all the classic gaming icons out there? Well the answer is quite simple according to Emeric Thoa, creative director at The Game Bakers: “Capcom games had a huge impact on my generation and on me personally, as gamer and designer.” Thoa went on to say that “many new-gen indie developers have their classics at heart; to get the chance to pay due tributes to a hero of your youth is a true bliss. We’re so grateful to Capcom for letting Joe fight along the Combo Crew cast.”

And while we’re speaking on the subject of classic gaming icons, Combo Crew will also be getting another memorable video game fighter thrown into the mix today as well, in the form of Lester Knight from the 1991 cult classic Another World. Lester Knight is a free add-on to all Combo Crew owners, while Joe can be unlocked through an in-app purchase of $1.99. The game itself is also celebrating a much welcomed price drop to $0.99 in conjunction with this news, which players can download at its new discounted price until September 3.

In the meantime, you can check out all of Joe’s bright new moves in Combo Crew in the character trailer right below this paragraph.

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