Vespa Closes out King’s Raid Season 1 with Chapter 9.5

By John Richardson |


If you’ve never played King’s Raid, you’re missing out. This gem from Korean developer “Vespa” is a pitch perfect SRPG. Thanks to its rich gameplay and charming presentation, it’s a top 10 chart mainstay in dozens of countries around the world.

The aim of the game is to collect characters, assemble them into teams, and put them to work on a range of battlefields. There’s PvP, PvE, guild stuff, world boss assaults, and everything you’d expect from a top-tier mobile RPG.

Today is a big day for fans of the franchise. Pandemonium – the overarching story of the first season – is finally at an end. Chapter 9.5 is out, which means another season is on its way.

The previous update, Chapter 9, came to a close as Kasel, the Knight of the Holy Sword, was falling into darkness in the land of the dead. Nobody likes falling into darkness, and to do it in the land of the dead can only add insult to injury, so Kasel is in a pretty sore mood.

As we enter Chapter 9.5, things are starting to look up. Kasel is still in the land of the dead, but the heroes are trying to rescue him in a climactic finale to an epic plot.

Buff luck

That’s the story. Now for some gameplay news. Chapter 9.5 adds a whole new in-game system to King’s Raid. It’s called Class Buff, and it works by giving you Class Points every time to acquire or upgrade a hero. Buff Points are applied to specific classes.

For example, adding an archer to your army gives you Class Points with which to upgrade your entire archer class. The upgrade applies to PvE and PvP, as well as offensive and defensive stats.

Vespa has also made a number of tweaks and improvements to assorted areas of the game, including Conquest, Stockade, Upper Dungeon, Ancient Royal Vault, and so on. The levelling up system has also received a tweak.

You can download King’s Raid on Google Play and the App Store right now.

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