Verizon Wireless launches game subscription app on Android

Verizon Wireless has unveiled GameTanium, an app that handpicks quality games for Android users. For the monthly fee of $5.99, subscribers will have unlimited access to over 100 titles for Smartphone and 50 for tablets — such as Fruit Ninja and World of Goo

The service will also feature a parental ratings system, reviews for each game, and perhaps best of all: no advertisements. 

Available via Verizon Apps, GameTanium is currently operable on over 30 different Android smartphones and 2 tablets. I suspect we’ll also see it in any future Android devices with Verizon support, but the press release made no mention of that. And if you’d like to poke around and see all of what’s available, Verizon is offering a free 3-day trial of the service. 

As a former Android user, one of my biggest problems with the platform was how hard it was to find good games. This seems like it could provide users with an interesting solution to that. We’ll just have to see how well it’s supported in the months ahead. 

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