Venti is 17 More: Threes! is Starbucks’ App of the Week

Starbucks coffee and Threes!: Two highly-addictive tastes that are beautiful together. Threes! is Starbucks’ App of the Week, so if you lack the game, head to your nearest java dispenser and grab a download card.

Unsure of how to find your nearest Starbucks? Simply cover your eyes and hold out your finger. Turn around a few times. Open your eyes, and follow the direction you’re pointing in. If you don’t come across a Starbucks within 100 steps, it means you were teleported to the Plains of Gehenna at some point during your existence. Contact the deity of your choice and begin pleading for mercy.

Incidentally, Threes! is the direct inspiration for the highly popular number puzzle game 2048. If you don’t have Threes!, now’s your chance to own the original. Just don’t get sucked into that fragrant, dark-roasted vortex for too long. Remember, you have a family, even if it’s only your cat. Your cat will miss you.

[via TouchArcade]

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