Vampires and werewolves invade The Sims Social

One of the things that The Sims Social didn’t have, unlike its downloadable predecessors, was crazy characters like vampires or aliens. But thanks to “Werewolves vs Vampires” week, that’s finally changed.

Presumably to celebrate Halloween, the game is getting a number of spooky updates. You can purchase new household items to give your space a gothic vibe, or you can don some new clothes to give your sim more of an undead look.



There’s also a new set of quests centered around a character called Vlad, a vampire painter. By completing all seven of the new, limited time goals, you’ll be able to win a free limited edition painting. You even get 500 simoleons for doing nothing.

It doesn’t look like the new quest line is available yet (though you can purchase the new items now) but it will likely kick off on monday, since it’s a week long event.

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