Valve unveils the sixth set of Greenlight-approved games

Valve has announced the sixth batch of Greenlight games to make the transition to Steam. With 20 games in total – as well as two pieces of software – it’s one of the biggest groups yet.

For the uninitiated, Greenlight is a service where voters select which games deserve a formal release on Steam, along with which ones don’t. It was an attempt on Valve’s behalf to somewhat democratize the release process on Steam, and for the most part it’s worked quite well. In fact, we frequently feature promising games from the service in our Greenlight Spotlight series.

If you’ve read this far without skipping ahead to the list of games below, good on you. Your attention span is clearly incredible.

Additionally, two pieces of software called PlayClaw and GamePlan made the cut. The former is for capturing game footage, and the latter helps you with forming strategies in multiplayer games. Rad!

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