Valkyria Shooter is Casual Running and Shooting RPG

By Glenn Wilson |

Sometimes the best way to innovate in the gaming world is to take two existing genres and mash them together to see what exciting new form they take. 

That’s what Korean developer GamePple has done with Valkyria Shooter, a cutesy casual game for mobile that combines running and shooting with RPG mechanics. 

Based loosely on Norse mythology, including the concepts of Valkyria, Freya, and Ragnarok, the game tells the story of the Valkyries as they search for the heart of Ymir to help them fight against gods and monsters.

In practice that means running away. As you escape from these powerful fantasy monsters you need to keep shooting to bring them down. According to GamePple, it’s even trickier than it sounds, and you can’t let your guard down for a second. 

You need to shoot, jump, dash, evade enemy attacks, and launch attacks of your own, all while running for your life.

Fight AND flight

And that’s just the running stuff. Valkyria Shooter also has an RPG-style upgrade system to manage. You’ll need to enhance your Valkyrias with loot obtained in the dungeons. And you’ll need to summon legendary servants and artifacts, and put together parties to secure a tactical advantage over your monstrous tormentors. 

There’s fast level-up, equipment smelting, 25 species of servant, and 27 pieces of artifact to collect, allowing you to form a powerful order of knights. It sounds like a fully fledged RPG. 

The game contains over 1,000 stages, too, along with six dungeons playable at four different difficulty levels. All of which means, in GamePple’s words, you can, “completely forget the word ‘boredom’”. 

Valkyria Shooter has been in soft launch and a handful of Southeast Asian territories for three months, and it’s out now on Google Play, with an iOS version to follow soon afterwards.

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