Vainglory is Already Big in China

By Nick Tylwalk |

Are we absolutely, 100 percent sure that Super Evil Megacorp isn’t trying to take over the world? I mean, I always assumed that the name of the company behind Vainglory was simply an ironic joke of some sort, but as its mobile MOBA starts to spread to other markets, I’m having some second thoughts.

I kid, of course, but Vainglory is definitely starting to make its presence felt around the world. One place where it’s caught on fast is China, where it was released just last week and headed straight to the top of that country’s iPhone and iPad free app charts.

Super Evil Megacorp’s partner in China, Giant Interactive, is helping to host the Vainglory China Invitational tournament in Shanghai this weekend, which will feature a prize pool of over $65,000. The winning team from that event will automatically qualify for the Autumn International Premier League season, kicking off on December 3 in Seoul, South Korea.

You can read more about the latest Vainglory developments in a new blog post on the Super Evil Megacorp company site. Again, I don’t think the folks there are up to anything but continuing to hone their MOBA, but we might want to keep an eye on them just in case they really are super villains hiding in plain sight.

And if you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can download Vainglory for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

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