USM promises more mobile Catan

If you’re as big a fan of USM’s mobile adaptation of Catan as we are, you were no doubt tickled pink when they released the Seafarers expansion as an in-app purchase earlier this year. Likewise, you no doubt did the dance of joy when you read about the upcoming addition of Cities & Knights. Now developer USM is making a few more exciting promises about their digital world of Catan.

First up, they’ve shed some light on where the long-awaited Cities & Knights expansion is. The game will be entering a public beta phase in early 2012, and should see full release by the beginning of March.

More excitingly, though, they’ve also confirmed that work is coming along swimmingly on an online multiplayer more. “Our aim is to create a cross-platform multiplayer that will allow iPhone, iPad, and Android users to play online with each other,” USM’s Michaela Schultheis tells us. “Since the development and testing on the various devices are very time-consuming, we’ll launch the public testing around (or shortly after) the release of Cities & Knights.”

Finally, USM have also announced an all new app based on the two player card game Rivals for Catan. The game (which I’ll actually be picking up later today as a Christmas present for my wife – let’s hope she didn’t just read that) takes the traditionally 3+ player nature of Catan and twists it into a unique experience for two.

With all of this great new Catan content coming down the pipeline, we’re hoping this means good things for Catan and the mobile marketplace. Who knows? Maybe by this time next year, USM will be working on some of the series other great entries, like the Catan Histories games of Starfarers. Fingers crossed!

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