Unlock Supreme Gaming Comfort – Spend $1, Snag $130 Voucher on AndaSeat Kaiser 4’s Launch

A gaming chair that supports the environment AND epic gaming sessions

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The AndaSeat Kaiser 4 gaming chair has launched an early bird offer for when it arrives in a few months, and it’s a massively generous one.

AndaSeat are offering you to get ahead of the crowd with a minimal investment of $1, which then gets you a $130 voucher to use against the value of the chair when it launches. And there are many, many, many reasons why you should get involved. 

First is that this isn’t just a desk chair that’s been designed for anyone. It’s a chair that’s been created with gamers in mind, especially those who want complete comfort when sitting down and playing titles for hours on end – regardless of whether that’s on mobile, PC, or console.

The main reason for this is that the Kaiser 4 has a huge amount of features to make sure you play the games you want to. 

First off there’s a nifty invisible lumbar support system, which helps you to find the healthiest sitting posture for your long-term well-being.

Then there are 5-D multi-dimensional adjusting armrests – which are as snazzy as they sound, providing support precisely where you need it.

To make sure you can get as much gaming done as possible the chair is made with a high-quality, stain-resistant polyurethane synthetic. Meaning cleaning it is a breeze.  

If you were in any doubt on whether the Kaiser 4 is a big step up when it comes to gaming chairs – and trust us, it is – there’s also the very welcome fact that it has been created with an impressive level of environmental consciousness.

Recyclable materials have been used in its production, and the actual creation of the chair itself has a wonderfully low environmental impact.

So if you’re a gamer that needs a chair – or one that simply requires a massive upgrade on your existing set up – we recommend getting involved with the Kaiser 4. 


To claim the early bird offer for the chair – which again, means you can save $130 on it when it launches – just click right here. Yet make sure you act fast, as the deal is only valid from the 7th to the 15th of April.