Universe Millionaire Is an Interstellar Sandbox Game All About Exploration, Cooperation, and Wonder

Get ready for take off…

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On February 10th, 2024, a momentous extraterrestrial event took place, opening up new horizons for space exploration and cosmic adventure. 

Yep: it was the day that Universe Millionaire arrived on Steam. 

Here’s the lowdown on this hot new interstellar strategy-RPG from developer X2MT Entertainment Interactive Ltd.

It’s the future, and humankind has begun exploring outer space thanks after discovering a powerful new type of energy. Unfortunately, the emergence of this energy has disrupted the balance of the universe, stirring up unwelcome cosmic forces. 

Factions representing justice, evil, plunder, wisdom, and healing have formed to compete for dominion over the interstellar realm. Whichever one manages to obtain the greatest amount of energy will become galactic overlords. 

Strong stuff, story-wise. If you’re a sci-fi fan you’ll be right at home in Universe Millionaire’s futuristic high stakes setting. 

Multiple gameplay modes

In terms of gameplay, Universe Millionaire combines elements of several different genres. There’s RPG-style character development, strategy, management, exploration, and cooperative multiplayer.

What there isn’t, we’re happy to say, is too much kerfuffle with laser turrets and proton beams. Universe Millionaire is a more enlightened sort of game, and you’ll spend most of your time exploring the universe in a pretty chilled out way rather than killing people.

You might even be inspired to explore the real-life universe. 

Universe Millionaire has a ton of secrets to discover, as any self-respecting universe should. You’ll explore planets, unlock hidden levels, take on surprise challenges, and more—all while maintaining your base and managing your resources. 

An open-ended adventure

Like many of the best space operas, Universe Millionaire is open-ended, with no set finishing point. It’s a gigantic sandbox where you can form alliances, unleash your hero’s strengths, and—oh go on then—get into the odd battle to keep everybody on their toes. 

If that all sounds like a lot, fear not: Universe Millionaire is a casual social game, designed to let you make new friends and have new adventures. You can play it with others, or go solo, immersing yourself in the rich story. 

Either way, your mission is to explore the universe and marvel at the miracles of space and technology.

If you’re ready to accept that mission, head to Steam and download Universe Millionaire right now.