Unity 3.0 to include iPad & Android support, improved iPhone functionality

Unity Technologies has just announced that the popular 3D game development platform Unity will be getting an upgrade this summer. Unity 3.0 will add a slew of new features to existing platforms, as well as support for the iPad, Android, and PlayStation 3 platforms.

“The challenge and opportunity for developers today is ubiquity,” said Richard Hilleman, Chief Creative Director at Electronic Arts during his keynote at Unity’s Unite 2009 developer conference last fall. “People playing games today want their entertainment on demand and portable, so reaching them on multiple devices and offering experiences that fit their lifestyle is key.”

Unity iPhone will be seeing a number of improvements when Unity 3.0 hits, as well. Expect to see Bluetooth multiplayer support, streaming audio support for smaller build size, faster in-game GUI’s, a new 2D sprite engine and a number of performance tweaks to improve frame rates.

The Unity platform has provided the framework for a number of popular games on multiple platforms, including Skee-Ball for the iPhone or the popular browser-based LEGO Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2.

Developers can expect Unity 3.0 to release this summer. For more information or to pre-order, visit unity3d.com.

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