Ubisoft announces two new Trials games

During their big E3 press conference yesterday afternoon, Ubisoft announced two new installments in their popular physics-based racing franchise, Trials: one for next-generation consoles and PC, and the other strictly for mobile devices.

The first game, Trials Fusion, is set to make its debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC platforms. New features in the game are said to include an immersive high-tech world, a FMX Physics-Driven Track System, and of course, next-gen visuals and social gaming features.

The second game is called Trials Frontier, and will bring the friendly and accessible physics-based gameplay to the mobile screen with regularly-updated content, and a slew of other social features that you can take with you on the go. Luckily, both games in the series are said to retain that “easy to play, hard to master” mindset of previous Trials titles.

Little else has been revealed so far about the new Trials we’ll have to look forward to on our motorbikes later this year, other than the following trailer which shows both upcoming games in action.

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