Ubisoft announces Panzer General Online for browsers

By Joe Jasko |

Ubisoft has announced at Gamescom today that a new entry in the popular Panzer General franchise is currently in development at their Blue Byte studio. And in following with the tradition of almost everything in the gaming industry these days, Panzer General Online will be the first free-to-play game in the franchise’s history, where it will be completely accessible in your computer’s browser.

Panzer General Online is said to take the series in a brand new direction, by mixing in elements of Trading Card Games and Miniature Wargames, with a strong emphasis on turn-based tactical battles that take place on the newly redesigned Battlefield. Judging from the first released screenshots of the game, it also looks like players will be able to collect a number of trading cards for use in these battles, each of which represents a different tactical unit such as Tiger tanks or a squad of engineers.

While there’s no official release date in sight for when we can take to the miniature turn-based Battlefield, Panzer veterans can still head over to the official Panzer General Online website, where they can sign up for access to the game’s closed beta period, as well as feast their eyes on the gorgeous debut cinematic trailer.


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