Ubisoft acquires DrawRace 2 developer RedLynx

Ubisoft’s been pretty up front about getting serious with mobile video games. It turns out the publisher wasn’t kidding: the company announced today that it has acquired RedLynx, the studio responsible for the popular Trials racing games.

In addition to this popular series, RedLynx is also well-known for its iOS titles, including DrawRace 2, which managed to become the App Store’s best-selling game for a time in both the United States and Europe. With a track record this solid, it’s not exactly surprising that Ubisoft decided to pick up the studio.

Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, seemed – understandably – pleased as punch about the deal: “The team at RedLynx has developed exceptionally strong digital brands that stand out for their high replay value, their long tail sales and their multiplatform positioning. We are delighted to welcome RedLynx to the Ubisoft family. Their expertise in asynchronous online games and physics-based game mechanics provides us with a great opportunity to bring their powerful brands, most notably Trials, to an even broader range of fast-growing digital platforms.”

This is just the latest big venture into casual gaming for Ubisoft. Prior to this, the publisher picked up developers like Massive Entertainment, Quazal, and Owlient.

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