Twitter me This: Follow Gamezebo on Twitter

Obama’s doing it.  John McCain is doing it.  And yes, now Gamezebo is twittering

When you follow Gamezebo on Twitter, you are automatically updated on every single item that is posted on Gamezebo (so you really do hear about casual games first!).   We also share cool tweets from our Twitter friends, post additional casual games-related content that did not make it on the site but is cool nonetheless, and give live updates from conferences we attend (which is relevant since we’ll be in casual games conferences all next week).

To follow Gamezebo on Twitter, go to Gamezebo’s Twitter Page, sign in to Twitter, and click the "follow" button on the top of the page.   If you are not a Twitter member, you first need to join up (which is super easy).  There are a lot of Gamezebos already on Twitter (Kudos to mkinyon for your Twitter advice).

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