Turbo Chicken Simulator is Goat Simulator With Chickens

Embark on an egg-splosive open-world adventure in Turbo Chicken Simulator – battle foxes, master joyrides, and cluck!

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Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime – Turbo Chicken Simulator is about to hit the gaming scene, and it’s no ordinary feathered fiesta! Picture this: you, a chicken with a knack for surprises, strutting around Cluckingham Isle – a world so wild, even chaos has to check the rulebook! This ain’t your grandma’s farm – it’s an open-world action RPG that’s all about weird exploits.

Was it the Egg or Chicken First?

As our chicken marvel, you’re not just clucking around aimlessly. No, sir! You’ll dive into the quirkiest quests, battling with unique ammo (think exploding eggs!), and fine-tuning your egg-launching prowess to rule the roost as a poultry prodigy.

But hold on to your tail feathers – Foxslav the 69th and his sly fox gang have wreaked havoc on Cluckingham Isle. They have enslaved your chicken comrades and created a sense of gloom and despair in your backyard. Time for some egg-splosive justice, my friend! Unleash your Super Chikiyan transformation– tap into inner energy, rise to unimaginable power, and become a force of nature. Show those foxes that a true hero knows how to cluck back.

In for the Ride!

When you are not facing off against Foxslav and his foxy tyranny, take a joyride in the Yugo, your whimsical ride for quirky adventures. Beating the ticking clock or simply cruising for pure enjoyment – the Yugo is your ticket to hilarity on wheels.

Turbo Chicken Simulator is more than a game – it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Laugh, cry, and cluck with joy as you navigate the world of chickens like never before. Get ready for a feather-filled adventure full of chicken chaos – we’re getting Early Access to Cluckingham Isle this December.

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