tschess Updated on iOS and Android With New Mode

By Glenn Martin |


tschess, an app which looks to offer up a faster and more exciting version of the classic board game of chess, has received an update which adds an intriguing new mode.

The game originally allowed you to just place your pieces across the board as you wish before a match began.

That’s interesting enough, but we have just found out a new mode has landed which shakes things up even further.

It’s called Config Selection, and it gives value to pieces across the board. Pawns are worth one point, bishops and knights three, rooks five, and queens nine. This means the standard board has a total value of 39.

That’s not all though, as you can then set up pieces before a game starts however you wish, as long as they total 39 points.

So you could have four queens and one knight for instance, or just have an entire fleet of bishops (we’re not sure what the group term for bishops is, just go with it okay).

If the math is too much for you the game can assign you a random configuration too.

So if you want to give this feature a spin, create an account today – with the game available on both the ​App Store​ and ​Google Play​.

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