Truck Simulator America is coming and you can join the closed beta

Video gaming is a funny old thing. Given the opportunity to drive a truck all day in real life, most people would politely decline. And then run away. But give them a virtual truck and they can’t get enough.

Truck Simulator America is the next epic truck driving game on the horizon. A follow-up to astragon’s TruckSimulation 16, it will put you behind the wheel of a fleet of hulking Lorries and task you with driving them across the USA.

And there is surely no more iconic venue for trucking than the mighty United States, with its endless miles — never kilometres — of highways snaking through a huge variety of landscapes, from vast mountain ranges and forests in the icy north to deserts in the south.

You’ll be able to explore a vast open world environment, which will gradually open up in future free updates until pretty much the whole of the USA is available, from tropical Florida to drizzly Oregon.

But exploration won’t be your only goal, of course. Your main mission will be to transport and deliver a wide variety of goods in timely fashion and without driving off the road and exploding.

Fans of the trucking genre will be pleased to learn that Truck Simulator America will give players more management options than its predecessor, along with several new features and improved visuals.

The trucks featured in the game are licensed from real vehicles, of course, and they include models from Kenworth and Mack.

Truck Simulator America is due out in the fourth quarter of this year, which could mean any time from October 1st to December 31st. It’s still very much in development, and astragon is inviting prospective truckers to assist with that development by joining the beta.

It’s a closed beta, and you’ll have to visit the site to sign up. If you’re lucky enough to be recruited you’ll have the opportunity to contribute ideas to the finished product.

Click here to get involved!

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