Trolls vs. Vikings heading to battle on February 26th for iOS devices

Game developer, Megapop, recently announced that their free-to-play iOS tower defense game, Trolls vs. Vikings has a set launch date of February 26th. Android and browser builds are expected later this Spring and Summer, respectively. Described as a “super-tight tower defense experience, with astounding depth of play” by Megapop, Trolls vs. Vikings draws inspiration from Plants vs. Zombies but innovates with features like moveable units, social features, boss fights, and surprise appearances by the Norse gods Thor, Loki, and Odin.

Megapop promises over thirty hours of gameplay in Trolls vs. Vikings, as well as future updates and a multiplayer mode featuring live and asynchronous battles. Within the game, players defend a tribe of grumpy trolls from marauding Vikings attempting to steal the troll’s gold.


On Friday, Megapop announced that Aleksandar Dimitrijevic is composing the musical score for Trolls vs. Vikings. Dimitrijevic has previously worked with many Hollywood films, including Transformers, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

“With Trolls vs Vikings [Dimitrijevic] is making one of his first forays into the gaming industry,” Megapop says in the announcement post, “and as you may understand we couldn’t be happier about the composer we got. In Trolls vs. Vikings he is fusing traditional Norwegian music with international tones, aiming to bring a unique musical landscape fitting to our setting.”

Megapop also posted a link to Trolls vs. Vikings musical samples, available on SoundCloud

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