Trivia App Skilli World is Giving Away $15,000 this February

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Popular quiz app Skilli World is giving away $15,000 in February to celebrate its astonishing growth over the past few months. 

The giveaway, which will be distributed across a number of free tournaments, has the dual purpose of giving back to the existing Skilli World community and attracting new players with the promise of big prizes. 

In case you haven’t yet boarded the Skilli train, Skilli World is a trivia app set in an unlikely Caribbean outpost in deep space. This colorful interstellar settlement consists of several space huts that players can visit to take part in trivia tournaments. 

These quizzes are themed, with topics including movies, TV shows, Game of Thrones, history, sport, Marvel vs DC, and a huge variety of other subjects. It’s always worth checking to see whether your particular area of expertise is in the frame – schedules are visible in the app. 

Daily Mastermind Tournaments take place every single day from 9.30pm EST, and the format couldn’t be simpler. There are five questions per contest, and each one of them is a statement that’s either true or false.

That means your odds of being right are never less than 50%, even if you’ve got no idea what the answer is. 

If you answer all five questions correctly, you win money. Simple as that. And if you get one of them wrong, you can stay in the game by spending a SkillUP – effectively a second life. 

The prize pool for a Daily Mastermind Tournament is split evenly among the winners. Unlike other trivia apps, however, Skilli World limits the number of participants in a quiz, ensuring that you’ll never end up with crumbs after sharing your winnings with a bazillion other players. 

Under normal circumstances it costs money to enter a DMT, but throughout February you’ll be able to enter for free and compete for a share of that sweet, sweet $15,000 prize pool.

To get involved, download Skilli World for free right on iOS via the App Store. The Android iteration can be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store or 

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