Triple Town to expand into “Triple Town World,” get mobile versions

The match-3 hit Triple Town has had a strange life, starting out on the Amazon Kindle eReader before moving on to social networks like Facebook and Google+. Now developer Spry Fox has revealed that Triple Town will be expanded significantly in the future, and that a mobile version of the game is very likely coming as well.

No details are available as to how the game will expand, but it sounds like Spry Fox has some pretty ambitious plans.

“We definitely want to flesh out Triple Town,” Spry Fox’s David Edery told Gamezebo. “It’s just the core of what we see as a much larger game; a whole Triple Town World really.”

As for the mobile version, when asked if such a thing was being planned, Edery said simply, “yes.”

Stay tuned to Gamezebo for our full interview with Edery later today.

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