Transformers’ Bumblebee Is Making A Guest Appearance In Creative Destruction Advance

Transformers fans, rejoice! Bumblebee is making an appearance in Fortnite-like Creative Destruction Advance as part of a limited time event. The event celebrates a brand new team-based battlefield mode, which you have to play to unlock Bumblebee.

Battlefield mode is basically a new racing mode in which you and another friend team up to pilot a vehicle. One of you drives while the other fires, and the objective is to defeat the team playing as Bumblebee. Do so and you get to play as the legendary Bumblebee.

You can also unlock the ability to transform into Bumblebee’s robot mode by collecting energy, which is dotted around the arena. Presumably you’ll be an absolute juggernaut in that mode, crushing the opposition.

The game mode features a bunch of brand new suits, weapons, skins, destructor, pendants, and more. If you invite a friend to play with you, you’ll earn extra rewards too. So it rewards playing with friends.

If you haven’t heard of it, Creative Destruction Advance is a sandbox battle royale game that features a bunch of different modes. There’s a traditional battle royale mode that you can play on a 4x4km map, which features a fully destructible environment.

Much like in Fortnite, you’ll build stuff, destroy other people’s stuff, and murder everyone in a 100 player battle for survival. You can also create and customise your own arena that people can play on.

There are a bunch of different time-limited modes too, like Soccer (which riffs on Rocket League) and Warmobile (World of Tanks Blitz), so there’s always something new to look forward to – much like this month’s Battlefield mode.

You can grab Creative Destruction Advance right now on the App Store or Google Play and check out the new Bumblebee event that’s just launched. Find the game here if you’re based in Europe or Japan, or here if you’re located elsewhere.

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