Trailer: America 2049 brings alternate reality and a bleak outlook of the future to Facebook

It’s rare to find a Facebook game with a social concious, and that’s why we did a double take when we came across America 2049 from Breakthrough. The game features elements of an alternate reality game set in a blaeak near-future scenario, and you can play it right now.

The creators describe the game like this: “Human rights are in peril, democracy in the dust. You: an agent of the Council on American Heritage. Your mission: nab a terrorist—and change the future. Play and learn whose side you’re on.” It looks like the game tackles some serious human rights issues, by portraying a near-future version of America where those rights have been taken away.

In addition to its interesting and unique theme, America 2049 also includes some familiar faces. If you check out the trailer below you’ll see actors likeHarold Perrineau (Michael from Lost) and Victor Garber (Jack Bristow from Alias), among others.

You can play the game on Facebook right now and stay tuned for Gamezebo’s full review in the next few days.


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