Tourist Trap is the Tim Schafer x Cartoon Network Collab That Never Happened – Out Now!

Tourist Trap is out now! Journey alongside holiday-goer Lucas, a mysterious talking monkey, and a troubling conspiracy.

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The Tourist Trap release is finally here for both PC and Xbox. Get that sunscreen on and bring your bucket and spade, ’cause we’re going to the coast!

The coast! Crashing waves, sand between your toes, and gift shop galore. Tourist Trap, a dark comedy point-and-click game, sees Lucas travel to South America to enjoy a seaside holiday – and all seems normal at first. That is until he hears a mysterious voice. With curiosity getting the better of him, he crawls through the gap in the bush to find a talking monkey. This is where things get weird for Lucas…

If you’d like to try out the PC or console release of Tourist Trap for yourself, you can purchase the game on the official Steam page or on Xbox! I’d also like to mention that there are only two members of Tragico Media (the development team), which is a super impressive feat.

Not Quite the Holiday He’d Planned…

Beneath the vibrant colours of the town and its touristy charm, there’s a deep dark conspiracy going around – at least that’s what the monkey tells you. Lucas somehow finds himself fighting against Pharos, a corporation that doesn’t quite do things ethically, to say the least. The monkey tells him that the town is in danger, and for some reason, Lucas is designated as the honorary detective for the case.

As you guide him through this holiday trip gone wrong, you get the opportunity to interact with a wide range of characters – each with their own unique personalities. One of my personal favourites is the mysterious priest in a truck…

Dark Comedy Done Well!

Within the mumbles and “blah blahs” that emanate from each resident (and Lucas), the comedic timing is brilliant and it’s a welcome element in modern gaming. So many games are overly serious nowadays, and that’s fine, but it’s nice to play a title sometimes that actually makes you laugh. Plus, throw in a little mystery and darkness, and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday package.

As darkness falls, you’ll lead Lucas through gloomy underground tunnels with flickering lights and a rather ominous atmosphere. You also need to be on the lookout for enemies, especially those who work for the Pharos corporation! Can Lucas defend himself? Or is he going to find himself in deep water?

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