Today’s new Clash of Clans update adds Player Profiles

There’s a big new title update to Clash of Clans on the bill for today, with the main addition being the exciting introduction of Player Profile cards, so now everyone can easily size up the competition with a simple glance of your biggest stats in one simple, all-inclusive place. The main appeal of these new Player Profiles is that they offer a quick, clean image of who you are in the world of Clash of Clans, with displays of both your user name, as well as your clan name and clan icon. For you competitive folk, this also means a comprehensive listing of your XP level, league badge, and trophy count for much easier bragging rights. There will also be two touch hotspots on each profile that let you easily visit other players or view their respective clans. Looking at the first teaser image of a Clash of Clans player profile card, you’ll also be able to see your friends’ game statistics, such as the number of attacks won, defenses won, troops donated, and troops received. There’s even a big section at the bottom that showcases your current progress on a few of the game’s three-star achievements, such as “Upgrade a Gold Storage to level 10” or “Upgrade Town Hall to level 10.” news Now while the new Player Profiles are certainly the stars of the show here, the new Clash of Clans update also comes with a few other bells and whistles that’ll make you start itching to get back into the game as fast as you can, including: a rework of the Hog Rider unit; new spells and building levels; additional clan features and challenging achievements; and overall improvements to the game interface and balance of gameplay.

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