Today is the last day to get your game considered for an IMGA

Calling all mobile game developers on the internet! I know that you’re probably knee-deep in working on your newest mobile masterpiece right now, but you only have one day left to register your latest and greatest games for consideration in the 10th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards! The IMGA is recognized as being the longest running award ceremony that has a total focus on mobile gaming. Last year’s big winners included The Walking Dead – Season One and The Room.

Developers who still want to submit their games for an IMGA will have until midnight tonight (PST), and they can do so by filling out a simple application right over here. Both big-name and indie developers are encouraged to submit their projects for the awards, with the list of nominees being announced on February 10, 2014, before the winners are revealed at The 10th IMGA Ceremony on March 18, 2014.


Who doesn’t love mobile games? And better yet, who doesn’t love receiving awards for making them? So put those last finishing touches on and submit your mobile creations today before it’s too late!

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