To catch a virtual thief

Paola Letizia reported someone stole 88 pounds (over $100 US) of virtual items in your abode in the social game, Pet Society. The only item the thief left ironically enough was her pet blue cat.

Italian authorities are on the case. Though only virtual property was stolen, the hacker had to access Ms. Letizia’s email and Facebook account to do this dastardly deed and if caught, the burglar could be arrested and sentenced to up to five years in a real prison.

Somewhere at Zynga, Playfish, or some other clever social game company, someone is coming up with a virtual home burglar alarm system as a new virtual item to sell.

Click here for details on the news story and contact the FBI, the Facebook Bureau of Investigations, if you know anything about the assailant. Ha ha, I just made that term up, but the story is actually true!

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