Tiny Tower hits 10 million iOS downloads, gives away premium currency

Tiny Tower‘s not so tiny any more. Yesterday, NimbleBit’s Ian Marsh took to his Twitter to make a startlingly big announcement: the game has now surpassed 10 million iOS downloads. And let’s not forget that the game has recently launched on Android, too, so the combined number of downloads is no doubt even higher. So how does a developer celebrate such a milestone? With a giveaway, of course!

“To celebrate Tiny Tower reaching 10 million iOS downloads,” says Marsh, “we’re giving away over 10 million Tower Bux to players! Log in today!”

If you do, you’ll quickly find out that you’re not the one getting all 10 million Tower Bux. That being said, you’ll be treated to a nice boost of 10 Tower Bucks to your game’s account – something that would have otherwise cost you a 99 cent in-app purchase.


If you want to snag a little bit of Tiny Tower‘s premium currency for free, be sure to log into Tiny Tower today. If I’m crunching my number correctly (and I’m sure I am), 10 million Tower Bux used for 10 Bux giveaways means there’ll only be 1 million players awarded. With today’s announcement, that mean 9 million of you will be left out in the cold.

Well? What are you waiting for? It’s time to build the next floor in your tower to the sky!

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