Time to grab yourself a bargain, Roll For It! is now free on mobile devices

That’s right digital board game fans, get your hands on a free copy of the quick-fire dice rolling game Roll For It!

Roll for what?

Roll For It! Is a die throwing digital board game with more to give then it sounds. The aim of the game is simple, roll the dice to match a card. The first person to match the card gets the points, and the first person to accumulate 40 points is the winner.

Each card has a unique combination of dice, the more dice on the card the more points the card is worth. So a low-scoring card will have three dice on it while a high-scoring card will have six.

Sounds simple

Well, it is. It plays a bit like Yahtzee, meaning you can hold your dice if they match the values indicated on the card. This then means the more dice you hold, the fewer dice you’ll have for your next throw. Do you risk it all by going for the high scoring cards, or play it safe and keep rolling six dice for the low scoring cards? Either way, once you match a card you get the points and your dice back.

Roll For It!

Where can I get it?

You can grab a copy for free from either the App Store or Google Play. I would hurry if I was you, this deal is set to expire in early August.

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