Time to be sneaky with the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor, out now!

By Sam Simmons |

Any fan of mischief will be excited to hear Hello Neighbor has finally dropped on the App Store.

What’s it about?

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game where you investigate what secrets your neighbour has hidden in their basement. You play as the new kid on the block who moved to this neighbourhood after securing a job.

As you finish unpacking, you hear a loud crash come from across the street, which of course you have to investigate. After peeking through your neighbour’s window you discover he is acting strangely, almost as if he has something to hide.

hello neighbor

While spying on your neighbour, you observe some peculiar behaviour. Including him boarding up the basement with a two by four. This behaviour is more than enough for your inner Sherlock to emerge, so you take it upon yourself to find out what is down there.

But wait, it’s not as simple as go next door and ask. You must sneak around while trying to avoid an AI who learns from your every move.

Learns from my every move?

Yes, I’m afraid so. Let’s say you have climbed through an open window, snooped around and then left through the front door. Next time there will be a bear trap by the window and a camera by the front door. Ensuring that not only does your stealth game need to be on point but also your ingenuity and creativity.

Sounds terrifying!

Fans of stealth horror games like Outlast and Granny know of the fun there is to be had by avoiding a vigilant NPC. Why not steal a copy from the App Store today?

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