Time Princess x Louvre Museum Lets You Travel Through Time and Hang Out with Mona Lisa


Time Princess: Story Traveler, IGG’s popular historical adventure game, is collaborating with the Louvre Museum for its latest event, marking the first time the Louvre has ever partnered with a video game. 

In case you need a refresher, the Louvre is one of the most respected museums in the world. Located in central Paris, the museum contains some of the world’s most famous and precious artifacts, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. 

That makes it the perfect destination for Time Princess: Story Traveler, IGG’s time-hopping adventure that sees you visiting various periods, trying on clothes and jewelry, and interacting with historical figures.

Accessed via storybooks, your adventures take place across the full span of history, from the ancient era all the way up to right now. Storylines branch, meanwhile, allowing you to experience multiple different endings depending on the choices you make. 

And there are even more characters and side stories to experience through the ingenious Goodwill system.

Dressing up is a huge part of the Time Princess experience, as you put the historical artifacts you find to good use by trying them on so that you can blend in with the culture you’re visiting. 

That makes this Time Princess x Louvre Museum the perfect partnership, boasting a brand new storyline involving three of the Louvre’s most iconic exhibits: the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace – otherwise known as The Big Three. 

On top of that, the collaboration also boasts its own theme song, Eternal Light, composed by Grammy-winning artist Wu Tong.

This exciting new chapter sees you hanging out with your friends at a virtual Louvre while learning about its exhibits. More to the point, it sees you hanging out with the women behind The Big Three, as well as dressing up in clothes and jewelry from their respective eras. 

Plus, there are puzzles to solve, trivia questions to answer, artifacts to find, and a special Blind Box that you can open with Party Box Tickets. 

To get started, download Time Princess: Story Traveler for free on the Google Play Store or the App Store

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