Time-management Sequel Burger Shop 2 Takes You From Dumpster To Superstardom


You know how it goes. Everything in your life is great. You’ve got a successful business, fame, wealth, a happy home life, and everything a person could want. And then you wake up in a dumpster.

How did you get there? You don’t know. What happened to all your stuff? You don’t know. Why is your diner boarded up? You don’t know. Why does your head hurt? Probably because somebody hit you, but you simply don’t know.

That’s how you start in Burger Shop 2. Having built a burger empire in the first game, you’re back to square one and determined to get back to the top.

Once again, you do this by serving food. Your customers sit in a row along the bottom of the screen and food comes snaking towards them along a curved conveyor belt. To serve your clients you need to plate up their orders as quickly as possible and deliver them to the right seats.

Starting with a fairly basic menu of burgers and fries, your menu rapidly expands to include chicken sandwiches, ice cream sundaes, pancakes, waffles, and much more. In fact, there are more than 100 different food items to master.

To up the challenge, everything needs to be prepared in its own particular way, so it’s not just a simple case of dumping food onto plates.

And while you’re dealing with this frenzy of time-management challenges, you’re gradually uncovering the truth about how you came to lose everything and wake up in a dumpster.

Burger Shop 2 contains 120 Story Levels and 120 Expert Levels, along with Challenge and Relax modes, so there’s plenty of content to get your teeth into. And there are over 100 trophies to collect along the way.

You can download Burger Shop 2 right now on Google Play and the App Store, in both free (iOS and Android) and Deluxe (iOS and Android) editions – with the latter costing just $1.99.

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