Time Management Game Collection Is 6 Switch Titles in 1 from GS2 Games

By Glenn Wilson |

Time management games are all about serving drinks, waiting tables, and cooking food, right?

Maybe once, but not any more. The thing we like about GS2’s Time Management Game Collection is that it shows how far the time management genre has come since the days of Diner Dash and Tapper. 

The other thing we like about Time Management Game Collection, of course, is the six great games it brings together in one package, with settings that cover the entire span of human history.

We might as well start at the beginning.  

Caveman Tales sees you trying to find a place to live at the dawn of time. It sees you gathering resources, overcoming obstacles, seeing off enemy tribes, and searching for hidden treasures.

Next up there’s Fate of the Pharaoh, an ancient Egypt-based adventure in which you play as advisor to the young Pharaoh. It sees you constructing homes for your people, trading with other tribes, appeasing the gods, and battling with cobras. 

Kingdom Tales is next. This medieval fantasy adventure once again sees you gathering resources, constructing buildings, and trying to settle your people, but it also contains dragons, trolls, forest fairies, and other fantasy staples. 

And its sequel is also included. Kingdom Tales 2 is a reassuringly familiar second helping of fantasy time management, this time with a Nordic setting and a storyline about young lovebirds. 

Country Tales is a good old Western, set in the lawless American frontier. This one sees you navigating politics, adventure, and romance as you meet oddballs and put cotton picking varmints behind bars. 

Lastly there’s Julie’s Sweets, which is set right now. This story-driven adventure is the collection’s only catering-based game, and it sees you helping Julie to fulfil her dream of becoming a master confectioner across 60 story levels and 18 challenge stages. 

You can buy Time Management Game Collection right now at all good retailers. You can find more details on it via the official GS2 Games site here too.

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