Tilt to Live 1 & 2 Free for a Limited Time

When people ask me what game could only have been made for a mobile phone, my answer is always the same: Tilt to Live. It’s tilty frantic fun, and it’s been a must-play recommendation since its 2010 debut. Last year’s sequel was equally terrific.

If you haven’t taken our advice to buy these before, you’re in luck: developer One Man Left has dropped the price to FREE for a limited time.

Well… free on the App Store. They’d like to do the same on Android, but it turns out that dropping to free and then paid again isn’t as easy as it should be on Google Play. Instead they’ve dropped the price as low as they could. Better than nothing, right?


Regardless of your system, be sure to grab these right quick. “Limited time” doesn’t mean forever, friends.

Tilt to Live (iOS), Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous (iOS, Android)

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